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Hi, my name's Melissa. I like skating in central park and I'd like to find somebody to join me!

Are you into skating? Would you like to find new friends to go skating with?

Create your map marker like Melissa did and locate it in the area you usually like to skate. This way, other users with your same hobby will be able to find your profile... And it's all FREE!

Skating is simply just a sample, we have 50+ hobbies to choose from!

It's no use meeting new people that share your hobbies if they live far away. That is why we have created our app based on maps, so you can easily find new friends in your local area to share your hobbies with!

50+ hobbies available to choose from: Aerobic, Chess, Jogging, Martial Arts, Badminton, Basket, Baseball, Billiards, BMX, Bowling, Boxing, Diving, Playing Cards, Cycling, Cars, Consoles, Darts, Delta Wings, Horse Riding, Climbing, Ski, Photography, Football, Golf, Jet Ski, Karting, KiteSurf, Motorbikes, Music, Swimming, Paintball, Sky Diving, Paragliding, Walk the dog, Skating, Fishing, Ping Pong, Kayak, Polo, RC Models, Rugby, Shopping, Skateboard, Snowboard, Tennis, Trial Bikes, Ultralight flying, Volleyball, Waterpolo... And many more!

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